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The Journey to Uganda

I think every single one of my family members (maybe even some of my friends) looked at me like I was NUTS when I said I was going to Uganda in a month. And when I told them I didn’t know a single soul going, where I will be staying, or what I will be doing they nearly fell over. (Tehe the thought of that makes me giggle.)

After they got up from the floor, almost everyone asked the question “are you scared to go?” I mean, obviously that’s a reasonable question to ask given the fact that I had ZERO information of the trip. All I knew was what organization I was going with and what time I needed to be at the airport. (Did that just give you anxiety? Because typing that just gave me a bit of anxiety.) ANYWHO… every time I was asked this question, I always responded with “I’m not scared to go. I’m scared to come back.” Kind of an odd response but that’s exactly how I felt. For months, I have been desperately praying for certain things in my life to change. I prayed that God would make the changes happen Himself because I knew I wasn’t strong or brave enough to do it on my own. I had this overwhelming peace about going to Uganda but every time I thought about coming back, I felt sick to my stomach because I KNEW drastic change was coming my way.

Well… CAN YOU GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?!… I was right. (But really, when am I not? Jk.)
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It’s officially been a year since I was in Japan… So crazy how quickly time flies. I could write a novel on all the things we did and the places we saw but honestly, I’m not in the mood. I would upload more but this dumb dumb over here (me), misplaced half of the photos. UGH I could cry. But, check out these anyways! Geisha pictures are PRICELESS and are a crack up. Playing with monkeys was by far my favorite activity. Happy to answer any questions you may have as well, so ask away!