Hey, I’m Caitlin! I’m a freelance graphic designer, full-time flight attendant, & everything else in between.

My site is for all things creative, to express my heart, & to shed light in dark places. What you’ll get from me is realness – A human who genuinely cares, one that works really hard, & one that is occasionally funny as heck.

Random Fun Facts:

    • Being late gives me major anxiety & makes me sweat like a pig… It’s not cute.
    • I travel a lot. It’s kinda my job.
    • Sundays are my favorite day of the week.
    • I had a career in the Entertainment Industry for 6+ years before making the switch to flight attending.
    • I’m extremely loyal & protective over those I love. It gets me in trouble sometimes.
    • Most people laugh at how I laugh. Not at my jokes.
    • I’m a tiny human who has a big smile to represent my big ol’ heart.


photo by: Rachel Owens Photography