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March 2015


10931144_10202623996475525_4164645092356402010_nIt has been a long time coming for this… but »FINALLY« I am making my site live!!

My poor mother (bless her soul) has had to hear me talk about making a website/blog for over a year now. And I say “bless her soul” because when I want to do something or have a new idea, I talk and talk and talk about it until I figure out every little detail for it. Annoying… I know. BUT! I no longer have to talk her ear off about this!! Applause for mom!! (I’ll just move on to bugging her about something else now, hehe)

I’ve been wanting this to be perfect but I’ve lost patience and decided to make my site live no matter what it looks like… So please bare with me.

As said, I’ve wanted to do this for awhile and this is for anything I want to be creative with; drawings, writing, music, photography, etc. Mostly, this is to express my heart, to share struggles I’ve been through, continue to go through & hope to help someone along the way. It’s to shed light in the darkest of places & is always to be a reminder that humans genuinely care. All you need is to find those humans. Now, this would be the perfect time to imagine a massive blinking arrow, pointing down to me as I wave my arms up and down to get you to notice… (To help anyone who didn’t just get that, I’m a human who genuinely cares.)

Very few know my story so this is a huge leap of faith for me. It’s something I know I have to do in order to go in the direction I want to go so I would love to hear what your thoughts/opinions are. For all my loved ones who have supported and loved me unconditionally, I thank God every single day for you & my heart is always yours. And for the haters, you have no idea how much motivation you give me. I’ll always be here with the warmest hug once you come around.